GREETING / ごあいさつ

We, INT Group, have been producing and selling food ingredients and products based on the aspiration to bring people "deliciousness and health". Since our founding in 1993, we have been working with our main policy "safe, reliable, healthy, delicious" to respond to the market. Recently, consumers pay high attention to food safety issue. INT Group have established a quality control system in every process from raw materials to manufacturing, and distribution. All raw materials handled are passed through strictly inspection based on INT food safety standard. We will continue to put our best efforts to distribute safe food to the market. Based on our experiences, knowledge, and network of the industry, we will continuously develop our business, distribute various products and contribute to healthy living to the society.
Representative Director
Hegang Xia

随着知识经济时代的到来,先进技术日新月异,层出不穷。人们的价值观也在悄悄地发生变化。在食品方面,人们在不断地追寻有利于健康,食用安全的食品。INT集团本着安全,安心,健康的宗旨,为大家提供从大自然中所孕育出的各种丰富食品。 INT集团在北京,浙江省等地设有先进的生产工厂,在浙江省长兴县还拥有自家茶园。 每家工厂都设有可追溯性检查体系,来保障产品的品质和食用安全。INT集团所属工厂均取得了ISO9001:2000管理体系认证,并致力于培养品质管理专业人才,导入农残检测设备和各种先端检测机器。INT集团以不断追求美味与健康为宗旨,希望能为社会做出更大的贡献。
总裁 夏和刚


We supply various food ingredients that are well-controlled from soil to manufacture and contribute to the world's food and wellness


Based on the experience as a food ingredient trading company, our retail products are designed and manufactured with deep involving in all process


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